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We're proud to offer a range of exceptional products to meet your every need. From high-performance electronics to stylish home decor, we've carefully selected only the best for our customers. Click on Products to see what we have in store and elevate your shopping experience today.

About Us

BIC America

BIC, originally an abbreviation for British Industries Corporation, was established in 1950 as an American corporation that imported hi-end British audio products. BIC was one of the earliest pioneers in the audio industry, distributing top-of the-line brands including Garrard turntables, Luxman amplifiers and Wharfedale loudspeakers.


In 1973, BIC introduced the industry’s first belt drive turntables and its own brand of American made loudspeakers, becoming well known for patenting the famous “Venturi Port”. By the mid 1970’s, BIC America loudspeakers were one of the top-selling audio brands in the industry...

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