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Acoustech H310C – 250W

Acoustech H310C – 250W

3-Way 10″ Woven Fiber In-Ceiling Speaker w/ Pivoting Tweeter & Midrange, Cloth & Metal Grills


MSRP: $249/Each


The state-of-the-art, three-way 10″ H310C in-ceiling speaker was specifically designed to exceed the demands of other in-ceiling speakers! It incorporates a pivoting 1″ liquid-cooled titanium dome tweeter, 2 1/2″ pivoting woven fiber midrange, and a heavy duty 10″ woven fiber woofer with a high power magnet. The majority of all other in-ceiling speakers do not include a midrange and/or 10″ woofer. Some in-ceiling speakers offer dual tweeters which only duplicate high frequencies, but cannot reproduce midrange frequencies. Not only is the H310C capable of reproducing the mids lost in other in-ceiling models, it’s heavy duty 10″ woofer enables this speaker to deliver low frequencies down to 24Hz. This is an extremely rare find from an in-ceiling speaker!


The H310C’s heavy duty 10″ woven cone offers incredible strength and dispersion advantages compared to traditional woofers. It enables superior acoustical quality, improved mid-bass, extreme durability under high stress conditions and is less susceptible to blowout (even when being driven at the highest levels). The pivoting 1″ liquid-cooled titanium tweeter and pivoting 2 1/2″ midrange can be aimed toward your listening area to ensure lifelike sound and imaging. H-310C speakers are packaged with both a white cloth decor grille (offering a clean, classy look for those not interested in painting their grilles), and a paintable metal grille (for those who want their speaker to completely blend in with a colored ceiling). White speaker baffles augment contemporary cosmetics. Mounting tabs are included for easy installation.


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