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Acoustech Elite Series PL-300

Acoustech Elite Series PL-300

1400W 12” Powered Subwoofer with Tri-Tuned Ports and “BASS BOOST” Feature for Room Shaking Bass Down to 15Hz


MSRP: $849


Enjoy Room-Shaking Bass the way YOU want it!


In designing subwoofers, engineers must choose between the tradeoff of 1. Maximizing Output (i.e., the loudest a subwoofer will play) or 2. Maximizing the lowest bass frequency a subwoofer can deliver. Traditionally, the subwoofer engineer decides which tradeoff he or she thinks is best for the consumer. But the top-of-the-line Elite Series Acoustech PL-300 subwoofer includes a “BASS BOOST” switch, “MAX OUTPUT” switch, Tri-Tuned triple ports and a port plug to allow you, the listener, to choose your bass preference. Enjoy exciting room-shaking bass below 20Hz (lowest audible threshold) you can only feel or set your PL-300 to “MAX OUTPUT” for the loudest levels of bass! The PL-300 provides full range balanced tight bass as well as excellent transient response providing clear, precise detail to perfectly match up with your other speakers which handle the midrange and treble. Until now, this state-of-the-art level of performance was limited only to far more expensive subwoofers!


In the “BASS BOOST” mode with the center plug inserted, the PL-300 will deliver all frequencies from 15Hz to 200Hz (+/- 3dB) at impressively loud levels including frequencies below 20Hz which are felt, not heard. In the “MAX OUTPUT” mode, the PL-300 will deliver even louder levels of bass for all audible frequencies from about 20Hz to 200Hz. Experiment to see which works best for you. For best performance in the “MAX OUTPUT” mode, remove the PORT PLUG from the center port.


Frequency Response with plug in center port and BASS BOOST: 15Hz – 200Hz (+/- 3db)

Frequency Response with plug in center port at MAX OUTPUT: 20Hz – 200Hz (+/- 3db)

Frequency Response with unsealed ports and BASS BOOST: 17Hz – 200Hz (+/- 3db)

Frequency Response with unsealed ports at MAX OUTPUT: 24Hz – 200Hz (+/- 3db)


  • Specifications

    • Choose your Bass Preference! Set your PL-300 to “BASS BOOST” to enjoy exciting room-shaking bass down to 15Hz or set it to “MAX OUTPUT” to experience the loudest audible levels of bass down to 20Hz!
    • Design: Front-firing 12″ powered subwoofer with Tri-Tuned flared front ports and port plug.
    • Power:  Built-in State-of-the-Art BASH Amplifier, 1400 Watts Dynamic Peak Output, 350 Watts RMS Continuous
    • AMPLIFIER FEATURES: “BASS BOOST” Feature, “MAX OUTPUT” Feature, adjustable crossover (by-passable when using a digital receiver), volume control, phase switch, auto On/Off with LED indicator, automatic signal sensing, Dolby Pro Logic & Dolby Digital/DTS LFE Sub Inputs and voltage switch.
    • Frequency Response: 15Hz – 200Hz (+/- 3db)
    • Driver: Custom Designed Heavy Duty Long Throw 12˝ poly-injected woofer with high power magnet and high excursion surround.
    • Cabinet: Internally braced vibration-free MDF wood-grain cabinet with hand-rubbed black lacquer top and bottom
    • Designed & Engineered in the U.S. for both Home Theater & Music Applications
    • Dimensions: 19 1/3˝H x 15 1/4˝W x 18 3/4˝D, Carton Dimensions:23 1/4˝H x 22 15/16˝W x 19 3/8˝D
    • Shipping Weight: 48 lbs. (21.8 kg.)
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